August 2010                                                                                   Pascal  Lecocq The painter of Blue

AQUART, montage by Jean-Louis Courteau/P.Lecocq

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Exhibition in June at Fort Lauderdale Convention Center for the Blue Wild Expo.

"Chromes", Art tile, available in different sizes and frames in my shop online.

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Summer is for...Painting ! not for Shows.

But some exhibitions are still running and some projects eventually become a reality. So, I should make a break in the process to achieve the new pieces to be unveiled at Dema in Vegas in November, and I should take the road Canada this time.

The AQUART Festival  brings in a quite particular way a new breath to the art world, the environment and the underwater sports, by placing in a natural setting of rocky cliffs and under the mirror of crystal clear water, a mix of passions for arts and sports.

Who said I'm not getting wet ?

I will have a gallery of 50 paintings immersed in lakes and the Saint Lawrence River within 3 exhibitions. A total of 200 artpieces will be shown included 36 uw pictures by Dominique Danvoye and 44 photos by Jean-Louis Courteau.

Music performance, special sound effects and songs of whales broadcasted by an underwater DJ will provide more to the surrealism of an already surprising atmosphere !

The speakers, underwater world specialists, will share pictures of their adventures and their awesome experiences with an astonished public. Visitors will be lucky to widen their passion and knowledge, from freediving, photography, and movie making to marine biology, movie backstage, surveys, diving with disability.

Attendees will also be invited to participate in collective artistic creations, with the artists, or to witness the achievements of the athletes participating in the Canadian National Depth Championship, broadcasted live on big screen.

Locations will be:
Carriere Flintkote, Thetford Mines, Quebec, Aug 6-7-8,
Carriere Morrisson, Gatineau, Quebec, Sept 4-5,
the Saint Lawrence River, Brockville, Ontario, Sept 11-12

More infos, directions...


Left: Aquart 2009, a painting by Esther Desrosiers, pic by Jonathan Grant, right: Aquart 2009, pic by Jean-Louis Courteau. © AQUART.

Before summer I exhibited at The Blue Wild Expo in Fort Lauderdale, June 4-6; it was an awesome display of 60 pieces in the lobby of the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center and great attendance. Check the pics.

I still have 60 pieces exhibited at the Galerie de l'Abbaye, in Beaulieu en Argonne, France, all the summer long, until Oct. 20th. More infos...

The 20 pieces in my permanent showroom in Riviera Beach will be soon update, have a look when you'll pay a visit during the Lobster Mini Season. More infos...

What to expect next ? My come back at the World Underwater Festival in Marseille, France where I exhibited during 15 years, the release of a huge portfolio in the renowned Ocean Geographic Journal (South East Asia), the show of the new original paintings of the year at Dema in Las Vegas in November.


Left: CALLIGRAMME DE GRENOUILLE: the Big Splash - Giclee reproduction limited edition available on canvas or paper in my shop online
Right: CHICKEN DANCE, original oil on canvas available, 13"x 91/2".

I'm looking forward to have the pleasure to meet you soon here or there.

Best Blue Regards,

Pascal, Ph.D. of Arts, is the Unique Painter of Divers and the only painter who supports the Dive Industry by exhibiting at all the dive shows since 1992 (BTS, OCEAN FEST, OWU, PARIS DIVE SHOW, SCUBA FEST, SCUBA SHOW, SEASPACE, SILVER SHARK KIEV, WORLD UNDERWATER PICTURES FESTIVAL, GDS, FDS, DCDS, BADS ...) and every DEMA since 1998.

180 Solo exhibitions worldwide (USA, HAWAII, ENGLAND, GERMANY, GREECE, JAPAN...)  have been devoted to his work since 1977, as many as group exhibitions in galleries. Articles about Pascal have been published in Belgian, Dutch, French, German, Hong Kong, Hungarian, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, New-Caledonian, Norwegian, Russian, Singapore, Swiss, Tunisian, Ukrainian, US newspapers and magazines.(Biography,Press Coverage). If "world renowned painter" means something...

Pascal is a full time professional artist since 1986,  who paints exclusively with the traditional oils on canvas technique, making about 30 original paintings a year. No fast painting, no fake artwork, no photographies copy, no hot air, no exhibitionism, no PR harassment.
Only original and personal paintings.

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