Avril 2011

Pascal  Lecocq      The Painter of Blue®

"City of the Merlion" -  New original oil on canvas on panel, displayed at ADEX, Singapore.




New original Oil on Canvas on panel
of my serie of "Chicken Dance"
shown in Singapore.

 "Cousteau, the Wizard of Waters",
Print on canvas and paper
available at the show and online.


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Dear {{{firstname}}}

I will be glad to exhibit for the 1st time in Singapore, invited by ADEX and AsianDiver magazine which published a portfolio of my work ten years ago (read it in my pressbook) !

I have almost made 200 solo exhibitions since 1977, in 15 different countries (if world-renowned means something...).

I will have 18 original oil paintings, 10 digital color print giclees on canvas and 50 prints on paper on display at the Adex Shop and at the Artzone during the ADEX show, 22-24 April 2011 Hall 404, Suntec Singapore.

International Convention & Exhibition Centre 1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 039593

Hours of Exhibit Hall Open:
Friday (22nd April) 10:30 am - 20:00 pm (10.30 am - 15.00 pm for trade only)
Saturday (23rd April) 10:30 am - 19:00 pm
Sunday (24th April) 10:30 am - 18:00 pm

And that will be my pleasure to make a 30' presentation of my artwork, including 100 pictures and the movie Le Peintre du Bleu Immergé, by director Nathalie Lasselin, Pixnat, about my underwater exhibition for AQUART this summer in Quebec, available on YouTube.

Presentation will take place on the stage, Sunday 24th at 11:40 am.

More infos and directions.


Left: "Crime scene", Print on canvas and paper available at the show and online, will be part of my presentation against the Shark Finning.

Right: "Carpool", Print on paper available at the show and online, of my serie of Toons Characters, according to the ADEX Theme of the year: Turtles.

Since my last newsletter, I have exhibited at the ScubaFest in Columbus, OH for the 3rd time (left), and for the 11th time at the New York dive show , the BTS in Secaucus, NJ (right ). Many more pics to see online.


Michelle and Rick from Portage Quarry, OH (left), Mrs and M. Lee Selisky at BTS,

 (right pic shot  by... David Doubilet himself !)              


Next show will be in Florida, with a new display at http://www.pascal-lecocq.com/news.php?id=137 in Riviera Beach, and at The Blue Wild Expo in May, then in Canada with a new serie of exhibitions underwater with AQUART. 

Best Blue Regards,



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