Adex Avril 2011

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The nice display at the Art Zone, Adex at Suntec City, Singapore, April 2011

"City of the Merlion" -  New original oil on canvas on panel, displayed at ADEX, Singapore.

 "Crime scene", Print on canvas and paper available online, part of my presentation against the Shark Finning.

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Dear {{{firstname}}}

I've been glad to meet you at Adex for my 1st exhibition in Singapore at the invitation of Adex and Asian Diver.

Let me thank you for your interest in my work.

That was a great experience to meet new attendees, to see my friends from the area and from abroad and to give a presentation on stage about my paintings. On the show floor that was smooth and easy, thanks to the great team from AsianDiver and to numerous volunteers.

Several pictures of the show are online now. More to come, so feel free to have a look.  

Some of the paintings displayed at the show and more are available online too.


With Jessica Tan on stage for her birthday present (left, pic © OceanGeographic) and a sketch on the wall of Asian Geographic Society - sorry no blue marker was available ... (right)        

 Below is a response I got from a post on Facebook just after the show...

My next show will be in Florida, with a new display at my Pascal Gallery at Force E in Riviera Beach, and at The Blue Wild Expo in May in Fort Lauderdale, then in Canada with a new serie of underwater exhibitions  with AQUART and I will have certainly the pleasure to see you again at the next Dema Show in Orlando in November. 

Best Blue Regards,



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