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Chasse aux lions -Hunting the lions -, limited edition print available at the OWU show in Chicago and online.


InVertum Magazine about Pascal's exhibition in Moscow.

A sold out artprint on paper, framed, of the Matador with an original drawing remarque by Pascal to be auctionned in Chicago.

The Paris Dive Show in January 2012, more pics.

One of the Facebook album of pictures about a sketchbook of Sharks. See all.


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Nothing warmer enjoying humorous paintings indoor than freezing outside, so if you are in Moscow (Russia), Chicago or Montreal this month, come in !

Russian magazine InVertum will display my artwork for the second time during the Golden Dolphin Festival in Moscow in the somptuous palace Gostiny Dvor, February 16th-19th.

My 8th exhibition at Our World Underwater will take place at the same time in Chicago with 50 artworks on display. (I should skip the 2013 edition as I will be invited by the company Coltri Compressor to exhibit in Milan (Italy) for the Eudishow at the same time, but I should be back in the wind city in 2014).

For the benefit of the Tim Early Foundation, I have donated 2 pieces to auction during the show in Chicago.

Then I will be back with my favorite event organized by Aquart: the underwater exhibition ! February is the time to go underwater... in the Olympic pool in Montreal !


Aquart Montreal February 2011, pics by © Jo-Ann Wilkins/Aquart 2011

I will have then a busy March on the road not to mention the displays in my local galleries and retailers.

Have a look to the pics of my exhibition in Paris earlier in January where I was celebrating 35 years of exhibitions ! I made my first solo exhibition Jan 29th - Feb 6th in Fontainebleau (France) at 18 y.o.

Some vintage pic of the opening and of my earlist artwork is now available online.


With my Great Teacher Yvonne Bouisset-Mignon (daughter of the engraver Abel Mignon, and wife of the painter Jacques Bouisset, son of Firmin Bouisset author of the famous advertising "Chocolat Meunier"), left; "Chaviré" - Capsized - oil on canvas, 1976 (!!!), coll.part. France, right.

The main event of 2012 will the exhibition SHARK! at the Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, from May 13th to November 4th.

The curator, painter, and sharks specialist Richard Ellis has chosen to show two of my original paintings, including my signature "Matador" in his historical and contemporary presentation of sharks in art.
That will be my first official exhibition in a major American museum.

Best Blue Regards,




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