April 2012

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"Carving the Tiger", a bronze sculpture by Victor Douieb, 2012,  inspired by my painting.


"Carving the Tiger", oil on canvas,
24x20, 2011, coll. V Douieb, Los Angeles.

A print on paper is available.

A "Victor Douieb Special Edition",
signed by both artists is available too on paper.

Coming exhibition at
the Museum Of Art, Fort Lauderdale
with 2 of my original oil paintings.

Last Saturday at the NOBE Gallery,
3334 NE 34th Street, Fort Lauderdale

"Carp for the Children of Fukushima", original Koinobori by Pascal

Aquart at Montreal, pic © by Jo-Ann Wilkins



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Dear {{{firstname}}}

It's my pleasure and honor to announce that renown sculptor Victor Douieb just completed "Carving the Tiger", his 30th bronze sculpture, based on the painting of the same name I made last year as a portrait of Victor!

When Victor announced he wanted to make the painting a sculpture, I loved the concept at once. It worked the same way I've used so many times with the classics. Because it was a form of a "mise en abyme" (or "play within the play") , because I was going to have the illusion of the 2D painting becoming 'alive' in 3D, and because it was such an honor to have it done by the smartest and best sculptor.

That was a new challenge for Victor, who has been a master depicting wild life and sharks, to sculpt a human form: "I don't usually sculpt the human form," says Victor. "It was very important for me to get this one 'right' - for several reasons, most of all to respectfully represent Pascal's work."
I was very confident, knowing his previous masterpieces, specially the one with Cristina Zenato. If I provided him with many of my sketches, I stopped commenting the pics of the process he sent to me, as he was making his own sculpture from a painting I made, and not a mechanically reproduction under my direction of an art piece I could sign (I know many sculptures signed by painters who never carve or sculpt them).
Looking at the precise and long process was my privilege and my wonder.
We both were anxious about the patina, the final, the meaning touch.
But Victor is a Master.
He did it.


Have a look at a large number of pics of this awesome artpiece, a collectable edition of only 8, online or check Victor's website

Coincidentally, we will be exhibiting soon together our beloved sharks at the coming major exhibition SHARK ! at the Fort Lauderdale Museum of Art. Originally from May 13th to November 4th, the exhibition will be extended until January 6, 2013 !

The curator, painter, and sharks specialist Richard Ellis has chosen to show 4 pieces by Victor and two of my original paintings, including my signature "Matador" in his historical and contemporary presentation of sharks in art.
That will be our first official exhibition in a major American museum.


Since my last newsletter, I made a large tour in the NorthEast with 3 successful exhibitions in Boston, at Sea Rovers, in Columbus, OH, at Scubafest, in New York, at Beneath The Sea.



I have been pleased also to donate an original artwork (a Koinobori, left pic below) to the benefit of the Children of Fukushima for the exhibition commemorating the first anniversary of  the tsunami and nuclear disaster of March 11th, 2011. Exhibition  hosted at the Fukushima Airport


Once again, my paintings got wet with a new underwater exhibition with the amazing Aquart team in Quebec, in the Olympic swimming pool of Montreal !

I made also appearances at my local gallery in Fort Lauderdale during the monthly North Beach Art Walk, first Saturday of the month.

Coming soon, the Art Library in Brooklyn will show its new Sketchbook Project before touring the country. It will feature the second part of my serie of shark sketches. I will renew also the display of my showroom Pascal's Gallery @ Force E, in Riviera Beach.

Looking forward to have the pleasure to see you,

Best Blue Regards,



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