July: Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year 2016/17 Pascal Award – Results

I’ve been honored to have the Ocean Geographic Pictures of the year naming one of the categorie THE PASCAL LECOCQ AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT, along side the legendaries Ernie Brooks , David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes Undersea Images, Eric Bettens, Stan Waterman , Ron and Valerie Taylor, Stephen Frink , Alex Mustard, Michael Aw and others.
The Creative Vision – the Pascal Lecocq Award for Outstanding Achievement – looked
for unique, surprising, artistic interpretations of the ocean (intertidal or from the surface, abstract or ambiguous, but has to be executed to exacting photographic techniques). We looked for a distinct, well thought out process, originality and an attempt to convey a greater understanding of our watery planet.

Thanks Michael Aw, Wildlife photographer, Author, Founder Ocean Geographic, Senior Fellow International League of Conservation Photographers, Fellow – Explorers Club, www.michaelaw.com

1  Winner ,”The great architecture of the universe combines the 4 elements ( fire/sun, air/sky, earth/land, up and u/w, water/drop) to enable life (algae and starfish) on our (rond and watery) planet, in a beautiful harmony (the golden ratio illustrated by the star(fish)) and composition of this outstanding creative vision of the ocean and nature.”Pascal Lecocq 2017

2 Runner Up

“Microcosm of life reflects the macrocosm of the universe and vice versa and the light reveals the same complexity and fragility of both. A suggestion made possible by a well composed scene and the skill and artistic gift of a photographer.”Pascal Lecocq 2017

 3 and 4 couple of Honourable Mention or Special Mention.

“A colorful painting (!) pointing out the beauty offered underwater. Not agressive, dynamic, deep and perfectly composed.”Pascal Lecocq 2017
“Ice or glass sculpture, solid. fluid or gaz, nothing than water can be turned into art. Just ad the personal point of view of a photographer and the idea to rotate the picture…”Pascal Lecocq 2017

Special Mention is for a picture with a unique perspective or idea.
“A yin yang of the universe mixing space and depth in the shades of (my beloved) blue. Stars and nebulae, gaseous galaxies and liquid abstraction where spacial vessels or little fish cotoie  the super novae of life, light conecting the ocean to the whole, and how fool we humans are to destroyed such beauty, thanks to the artist suggesting such meaning.”Pascal Lecocq 2017
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