1977-2017 40 years of excellence 300 solo exhibitions since 1977 

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Aug 6 Sydney: 40 years of blue paintings of sharks and divers


Well deserved cup of French Champagne after a full day of exhibition at the invitation of  Majesty 122 The Ghost 2 Super yacht, 122ft, by Gulf Craft Design Studio at the Cockle Bay Marina in Darling Harbour.


Aug 5 Sydney: 40 years of blue paintings of sharks and divers


Aug 4th, Sydney: 40 years of blue paintings of sharks and divers

Lecture by Pascal

details coming soon.


Aug 3-7 AIDE Sydney Pascal 1st solo show

COOL DIVING AT AIDE , mixed media on canvas by Pascal, The Painter of Blue ®, 12″x16″ 31×41 cm, lec 957a, 2017, priv.coll. ©pascal lecocq

After the JapanSingapore and Palau, Pascal’s paintings are back in Asia during the Australian International Dive Expo for the 1st time   http://australiadiveexpo.com/new.

Presentation: 40 years of Blue Paintings of Sharks and Divers
Pascal made presentations in Singapore (Adex 2011) and Palau (Shark week 2014), and is a featured artist at MIDE, Kuala Lumpur, since 2014.
International Convention Centre Sydney at Cockle Bay in Darling Harbour, Sydney
Operating Hour
The opening dates and times for the expo are as follows:
• Thursday 3 August Halls 10am – 8pm Marina 10am – 7pm
• Friday 4 August Halls 10am – 8pm Marina 10am – 7pm
• Saturday 5 August Halls 10am – 8pm Marina 10am – 7pm
• Sunday 6 August Halls 10am – 8pm Marina 10am – 7pm
• Monday 7 August Halls 10am – 8pm Marina 10am – 7pm
Halls : There are two entrances (one on each level) for visitors and exhibitors.
• Lower level entry – Hall 2, via concourse (level 2) and proceed
down escalators.
• Upper level entry – Hall 6 (level 4)
Tickets can be purchased from the following locations:
• Exhibition Centre: in the foyer outside Hall 2 (on level 2).
• Outdoor ticket box in Darling Harbour (next to the Woodward Water
Feature on west side of Cockle Bay).
• Tickets for the show can be purchased online or at the door to the Show


Pascal  Lecocq, PhD, is the painter of the diving world most recognized picture: The Matador.

He is the Painter of Blue who paints as a stage director, on high blue backdrops, sky, figures, funny divers, all between hypperrealism and surrealism, flavored with humor.

Pascal’s paintings have been exhibited worldwide in more than 300 solo exhibitions since 1977, and in museums in France (2000-2001) and USA (2012-2013).

He is also a set and costumes designer for many operas since 1986.

Pascal is doing workshops and children drawing contests to help and promote children to express themselves by painting and being concerned by the environment.

The French painter lives and works in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, since 2003.




Nov 1-9 Melbourne Sketchbook Project Australia


The Sketchbook Project Australia,


Our friends at MailChimp are helping us make this trip happen! MailChimp delivers the Sketchbook Project to Australia this November, where we’ll be setting up a week long exhibition..

Volume 5 of my sketchbooks about Sharks, part of the Sketchbook Project 2013 organized by the Art House Co-op and the Brooklyn Art Library is on the road. Pick up your city and have fun browsing thousand of sketchbooks at the Mobile Library.

Ask for   call number 236.1-5, or sketchbook #S122656 or Bluepainter or Pascal Lecocq.

 Post on Social Medias a pic of you with my sketchbook to enter a draw to win the Matador Towel signed for you ! Be sure to tag @arthouse #thesketchbookproject @bluepainter #bluepainter


The Sketchbook Project: Melbourne
November 1st – 9th, 2013
Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Building, Melbourne, VIC 3006
November 1 2:00 – 8:00pm
November 2- 3 12:00 – 5:00pm
November 5- 9 2:00 – 8:00pm

 closed on Monday.

Infos and directions
Pascal’s 12th participation to an Art House Co-op and Brooklyn Art Librairy Project. See the previous exhibition browsing Pascal’s group exhibitions list

Pascal’s Sketchbook Project 2013 “Atlas of…” VOLUME 5, with 32 pages  is a sequel of the Sketchbook projects of the previous years:

- Sketchbook Project 2013  ”Sketchbook”  is available in Digital Library online  or call number 193.8-6, or sketchbook #S91281. Pascal”s sketchbook Volume 4

-  Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition “How to spell and other things to learn”. call number 174.6-7, or sketchbook #S70938. Pascal”s sketchbook Volume 3

- Sketchbook Project 2012 “Encyclopedia of…” can be found  online in the Digital Library online or call number 141.2-4, or sketchbook #S58696. Pascal”s sketchbook Volume 2

You can see it also on Pascal’s Facebook gallery: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

- Sketchbook project 2010 “Friends of Friends of Friend

Aug. 20 Press: “Coral” featured in 72&Rising magazine

The volume 03 Issue 03 of the sumptuous Australian magazine 72&Rising, all about wildlife, travel, adventure and photography , is “focus on corals” as the editor put in in his foreword. Great contributors and fabulous pictures by some fellows of the Ocean Artists Society are featured in a portfolio “Images with a message” assembled by the photography editor and renown photographer Rico Besserdich.

Get your copy at  www.72andrising.com


Life in Liquid

Snapshots from Our World Underwater 2012 scholar Yolly Bosinger’s video:


April 12th Ocean Geographic

Ocean Geographic,#16, 2nd Quarter 2011, pages 3, 94 – AUSTRALIA




Ocean Geographic, October, 2010, pages 81-87- AUSTRALIA



A portfolio with 9 pictures. Full size in pdf




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