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April: Book by Numa Sadoul with Pascal’s interview

Multi talented Numa Sadoul, director, writer, actor, publishes a 710 pages book about his 40 years with the Opera, an Ego-Dictionary of Opera : 40 ans à l’Opéra, Ego-Dictionnaire de l’Art Lyrique, Editions Dumane, Avril 2017,  ISBN: 978-2-915-94316-0

Many interviews with professionnals were conducted by Numa and inserted in the book about the different occupations involved in performing art.

The chapter about Set Design includes an interview with Pascal Lecocq, costumes and set designer and fine art artist,  made in April 2014.

More about Numa Sadoul (Wikipedia, more details in the French Wikipedia), Numa Sadoul and Pascal work about the Magic Flute  and Pascal’s set and costumes designs .

Book available in French at  Amazon.fr


April 22 Press: Divermag Pascal interview

In depth interview by Michel Gilbert for canadian magazine Diver

To read in our press coverage soon




Jan 23: Press release: Mise en scène et opéra : La flûte enchantée, par Jacques Barbarin

Mise en scène et opéra : La flûte enchantée, par Jacques Barbarin

Lire la suite/ read more (pdf)




Jan 22 Pressbook: Interview for Diver Magazine (Canada)

Underwater writer and photographer Michel Gilbert interviewing for Diver, Magazine from Canada to be published later.

Award-winning, lecturers, photography and multimedia producers, Michel and Danielle have been “at sea” for over 25 years. Authors of more than 900 articles related to diving, travel and sailing, they are underwater photography columnists for Diver and En Profondeur (Into the Depths) magazines. Danielle and Michel were honored during the 37th edition of Our World Underwater in Chicago in 2007, in recognition for their contribution to the diving community and to the show for many years.


May 24 Opera of Nice, France: Set and costumes designs presentation.

Official presentation of the season 2016-17 at the Opera de Nice, France with the opening show of the Magic Flute by Mozart.

Set and costumes designer Pascal Lecocq with lights design by Philippe Mombellet with director Numa Sadoul

Wondering why I haven’t been available and reachable the last 3 months ? Working on setdesigns and costumes design for a French Operahouse.
If you didn’t know I have been a prolific set designers 1986-1996 see my webpage



Sharks Celebrity Auction dinner

Sharks Celebrity Auction dinner with bidding winner jack Burton, and friend Mark Harrison, at Cucina Caruso, Fort Lauderdale.




Jan-Feb Diving Almanach #5.1 Pascal’s portfolio

5 Underwater Artists Whose Work Every Scuba Diver Should See, by DivingAlmanac January-February 2016 Issue 5.1. Thanks Jeffrey Gallant http://www.divingalmanac.com/



Nov 28 Published @ Sea-Gram Newsletter

Underwater author Paul J.Mila featured my “Decompression Chamber” in his Nov Newsletter Sea-Gram

For ocean lovers, divers, and  “deep-thinkers.”
More about Paul J.Mila: Diving in the same waters as the characters in his books enables Paul to write exciting, realistic dive adventures and to accurately describe the beauty and wonder of our undersea world for non-diving readers.   website

Online reading



Nov 7 press: SunSentinel about Pascal’s Exhibition at the Boat Show

Lauderdale international Boat Show with The Blue Wild: Dive seminars, exhibitors, Marine Art display, Raffle.

More than 50 pieces by Pascal on display at the Marine Art exhibition.

See Pascal’s exhibitions the previous years



November 5-9, 2015

Broward County Convention Center Middle Lobby BC room 122/123 #T10-T11-T12

Prime Time Preview:
Thurs. , 10am – 7pm

General Admission:
Fri. , 10am – 7pm
Sat. , 10am – 7pm
Sun. , 10am – 7pm
Mon. , 10am – 5pm

info at http://www.showmanagement.com/fort_lauderdale/event/



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