Oct 11th Marcel Proust book published with Pascal’s artwork

Edition Michel Lafon, more info in French
Beaux livres, Parution : 11/10/2012 Pages :192 Format :28/33 ISBN :978-2-7499-1702 Prix : 39.95€

Featuring one of the two portraits of the author, Patricia Mante-Proust, great great niece of the famous writer,  made by Pascal in 1988 as a “jeune-fille en fleurs with Marcel Proust”.
“For a long time, I went to bed early,” perhaps the most famous incipit of French literature, the very first words of a masterpiece that its author himself did not hesitate to compare to a cathedral.  Writer had never driven introspection and memory work at this level, winning the favor of this prodigious quest  with the taste of a madeleine , a  mystical aura for generations of readers around the world.

Research invites us to unravel the mysteries of its author and  secrets. It has often described it as being febrile timid to excess, holed up in a room lined with cork: fantasies and stories lived, which was really Marcel Proust? The famous questionnaire to which he replied that bears his name and he can enlighten us?
Rich in many documents from the family collection, national archives, drawers of the famous Aunt Léonie in Combray Illiers-but also of letters, manuscripts, rare or unreleased, recovered memories of the places frequented by Proust, this book  – which brings these treasures for the first time – is intended to celebrate a life and time becoming, through the magic of a unique style, an eternity.

For 90 years of his death (google translation)

To celebrate the publication this week in France of: ” Marcel Proust – L’Arche et la Colombe” by Patricia Mantes-Proust and Mireille Naturel, Ed. Michel Lafon, Pascal’s earlier works about “In Search of Lost Time or Remembrance of Things Past” (French: À la recherche du temps perdu) are published online in his blog, pinterest and Facebook.

Pics: new book cover, Pascal reading, page featuring Pascal’s painting, the painting within the book and an artifact of Proust’s notebook,

“Chemin de Balbec #20 and #21 with Patricia “,  booth watercolors on Arches 46x62cm, 18″x24”, 1988,  lec186d, collection Mantes-Proust, Paris, France (sorry for the quality of the pic, from a vintage transparency)

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