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Antibes Underwater Festival

Antibes, Underwater Pictures Festival,
Oct 24-28, 2007
Pascal’s 15th Personal exhibition at the Underwater Film Festival in Antibes with all new paintings and limited edition prints.

New location at the Marineland.
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Legendary Scott Carpenter, sixth astronaut in the space (1962), visits the show as an avid divers

Of course, Bernard Abeille’s Band and famous “Pommeau” liquor fom Pascal’s French home were the stars of the Opening Party

Scott Carpenter and Bill Todd (Neemo project Nasa) with Pascal, pic by G.lecocq
Bernard Abeille, Gilles, Kurt Amsler, Camille Lusardi,Hervé Giorgi, Slava during Pascal's opening party, pic by G.lecocqFilmaker Christian Petron, Painter Andre Laban, former director of the show Pierre Coton with Pascal Lecocq, pic by G.lecocq, Antibes 2007

pic by H.Giorgi, Antibes 2007

Scott Carpenter and Pascal, pic by G.lecocq
Show President Ph.Valette with Mrs and M.Bill Todd, pic by G.lecocqJapan Underwater Festival president T.Emoto, pic by G.Lecocq
European President of OWU Scholarship E.Leech, pic by G.lecocqH.Hordosh (Seacam housing) and Russian journalist S.Muraschina, pic by G.Lecocq
with author Pierre Brocchi and bookseller B.Fenet, pic by G.lecocqPascal with Israeli publisher D.Pilosof, pic by G.Lecocq
Pascal with journalist Ph.Montay, pic by G.lecocqwith award winning Belgian filmaker Danny Belle, pic by G.Lecocq
with Austrian UW photograph S.Reiter, pic by G.lecocqWith B.Sutterer (Kinetics housing, wearing a Pascal's watch!), pic by G.Lecocq
with Russian Movie Festival President E.Gushina, pic by G.lecocqneighbour and friend M.Warren!, pic by G.Lecocq
Russian photographer Slava joins the Band, pic by G.lecocqH.Giorgi joins the band!, pic by G.Lecocq
with journalist A.Fuchs, pic by G.lecocqPascal with uw photographer Pascal Kobé, pic by G.Lecocq
Pascal with Maurice Leandri, from Calypso and Le Monde du Silence, pic by G.Lecocq

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