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Ninth appearance by Pascal indoor Projects South Building 517 Northwest 1st ave, Fort Lauderdale. See previous shows.
Light display during the wet season.
Free Entrance October 28th  6-11PM
THE GOODS is a monthly curated maker’s market that takes place during at FATVillage Artwalk on the last Saturday of every month.
Come see for yourself!
Good People. Good Art. Good Times.
Come out and support small business and the local arts!!!


The Naughty show, ArtsUnited, Tedds Gallery Wilton Manors (until June 4th)

The Naughty show, ArtsUnited, Tedds Gallery Wilton Manors (until June 4th)

An erotic art exhibit and fundraising event. Group exhibition  to the benefit of Arts United


Pascal is a proud supporter of Arts United’s mission to use the arts to break down historical barriers preventing lesbians and gays from contributing fully and openly to the cultural, social and economic success of South Florida.

The show features 2 Pascal’s original oil on canvas

Tedds ART Works – 2422 North Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors, FL 33305 – telephone 703-269-8244.


June 8 NOBE Art Gallery new display

Rotating artworks at NOBE Art Gallery at my permanent exhibition before Thursday June 9th Event

Pascal’s donated artwork  Singing in the rain available at the auction.

Hosts: Tanya Lynn Sabel, Brooke Trace, Sally Beach & Nancy Peterson
We Cordially invite you to “Fine Art & Bubbles”
Thursday June 9, 2016 from 6-9 PM
Featuring Fine Art Authorities:
Sol Robinowisch, Michael Pfeffer & JB
Bubbles & Hor D’ouvre
Entertainment by Saxophonist Anthony Corrado
Benefitting Abandoned Pet Rescue
Please RSVP by 6/6/16!!!
Limited Capacity!!!!

Pascal at Nobe Art Gallery.


Sept 11-13 Fergus Fall, MN The Sketchbook Project 2014 Tour

From September 11-13, The Sketchbook Project Mobile Library will be cruising to Minnesota State Community and Technical College in Fergus Falls, MN in a custom-built bookmobile showcasing thousands of handmade sketchbooks. Each book in the collection is catalogued and searchable by theme, medium, geographic location, and unique tags that each artist has created for their book.The Mobile Library stops are free and open to the public! You’ll also be able to sign up on site to participate and fill up a book of your own to add to the collection.

Thursday, September 11th, 1-5pm
M State-Fergus Falls

Friday, September 12th, 1-5pm

Saturday, September 13th, 1-5pm
Rourke Art Museum

From Fergus Falls, the The 2014 tour will continue on its six month trek across North America. You can check out the full tour schedule here: http://www.sketchbookproject.com/sbp2014

For more information on The Sketchbook Project, visit us atwww.sketchbookproject.com, or reach out to community@sketchbookproject.com


Pascal collaborates with the Art House Co-op , the Brooklyn Art Library and the The Sketchbook Project  since 2008 having working on 21 art projects . Some of them are digitalized and can be seen online @ http://www.sketchbookproject.com/users/bluepainter/artwork

See the previous exhibition browsing Pascal’s group exhibitions list and here in the posts.

Pascal’s Sketchbook Project 2014 is a sequel of his Sketchbook Project with Art House Co-op and the Brooklyn Art Library:

Part One: Friends of Friends of Friends - 2009 – SBP 2010 #9906 partial digital version or complete Facebook gallery: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Part Two: Encyclopedia of…Shark - 2011 – SBP 2012 #58696 Digital version Call number 141.2-4

Part Three: How to spell and other things to learn…about Sharks  - 2012 – SBP LE #S 70938 partial digital version Call number 174.6-7

Part Four: Sketchbook…of sharks - 2012 – SBP 2013 #91281 Digital version Call number 193.8-6

Part Five: Atlas of… sharks - 2013 – SBP 2013 Australia #S 122656 Digital version Call number 236.1-5

Part Six: This list…of sharks - 2013 – SBP 2013 Northeast #S 122658 Digital version Call number  225.6-7

Part Seven: This is not about me…but about sharks - 2013 – SBP 2013 California #S 122657 Digital version Call number 234.4-6

Part Eight: A simple place… for sharks - 2013 – SBP 2013 Southeast #S 132032 Digital version Call number 222.2-3

Part Nine: Dudes and Latitudes… sharks - 2013 – SBP 2013 Pacific NW  #S 102775 Call number 224.2-4

Part Ten: Greetings from… sharks - 2013 – SBP 2013 Southwest #S 102776 Call number 231.1-8

Part Eleven: This is not about you…but about sharks - 2013 – SBP 2013 Central #S 102810 Call number 230.3-3

Part Twelve: To the last page - 2013 – SBP 2013 South East #S 107223 Call number 222.2-4

Vol VII, sample:

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Jun 19th Press: Fly times



Pierre Brocchi new book featuring Pascal’s painting on the cover

The “Coral Bird”, by Pierre Brocchi, published by Editions Ovadia, France, with the painting Cîme abyssale

- Abyss peak- oil on canvas, by Pascal Lecocq, The Painter of Blue ®, 55 x 38cm, 22”x15”, lec404, 1995, priv.coll. Rouen, France. © www.pascal-lecocq.com.
Published in Asian Diver (Singapore, 2001)

L’oiseau de corail “, de Pierre Brocchi, paru aux “Éditions OVADIA” est une reprise améliorée de la nuit de l’Alcyon . http://pierre.brocchi.fr/auteur.html


Nov 1-9 Melbourne Sketchbook Project Australia


The Sketchbook Project Australia,


Our friends at MailChimp are helping us make this trip happen! MailChimp delivers the Sketchbook Project to Australia this November, where we’ll be setting up a week long exhibition..

Volume 5 of my sketchbooks about Sharks, part of the Sketchbook Project 2013 organized by the Art House Co-op and the Brooklyn Art Library is on the road. Pick up your city and have fun browsing thousand of sketchbooks at the Mobile Library.

Ask for   call number 236.1-5, or sketchbook #S122656 or Bluepainter or Pascal Lecocq.

 Post on Social Medias a pic of you with my sketchbook to enter a draw to win the Matador Towel signed for you ! Be sure to tag @arthouse #thesketchbookproject @bluepainter #bluepainter


The Sketchbook Project: Melbourne
November 1st – 9th, 2013
Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch Building, Melbourne, VIC 3006
November 1 2:00 – 8:00pm
November 2- 3 12:00 – 5:00pm
November 5- 9 2:00 – 8:00pm

 closed on Monday.

Infos and directions
Pascal’s 12th participation to an Art House Co-op and Brooklyn Art Librairy Project. See the previous exhibition browsing Pascal’s group exhibitions list

Pascal’s Sketchbook Project 2013 “Atlas of…” VOLUME 5, with 32 pages  is a sequel of the Sketchbook projects of the previous years:

- Sketchbook Project 2013  ”Sketchbook”  is available in Digital Library online  or call number 193.8-6, or sketchbook #S91281. Pascal”s sketchbook Volume 4

-  Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition “How to spell and other things to learn”. call number 174.6-7, or sketchbook #S70938. Pascal”s sketchbook Volume 3

- Sketchbook Project 2012 “Encyclopedia of…” can be found  online in the Digital Library online or call number 141.2-4, or sketchbook #S58696. Pascal”s sketchbook Volume 2

You can see it also on Pascal’s Facebook gallery: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

- Sketchbook project 2010 “Friends of Friends of Friend
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