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April: Book by Numa Sadoul with Pascal’s interview

Multi talented Numa Sadoul, director, writer, actor, publishes a 710 pages book about his 40 years with the Opera, an Ego-Dictionary of Opera : 40 ans à l’Opéra, Ego-Dictionnaire de l’Art Lyrique, Editions Dumane, Avril 2017,  ISBN: 978-2-915-94316-0

Many interviews with professionnals were conducted by Numa and inserted in the book about the different occupations involved in performing art.

The chapter about Set Design includes an interview with Pascal Lecocq, costumes and set designer and fine art artist,  made in April 2014.

More about Numa Sadoul (Wikipedia, more details in the French Wikipedia), Numa Sadoul and Pascal work about the Magic Flute  and Pascal’s set and costumes designs .

Book available in French at  Amazon.fr


Feb 16th Pascal’s Painting published in a book about Lionfish

Pascal’s painting “Curse of the caribbean”, the skull of lionfish, is featured in the opening of a French published book by Eric Rolland about Lionfish.

Poisson-lion ! De Éric Rolland – Avec la contribution de Michel Kulbicki

Editions SCITEP – Collection : Savoirs courants – février 2015

Livre papier13,50 € – http://scitep.izibookstore.com/produit/6/9782954028095/Poisson-lion

  • ISBN-10: 2954028092
  • ISBN-13: 978-2954028095
  • Dimensions du produit: 0,5 x 11,5 x 2,1 cm

Note de l’éditeur:
Il y a quelques années, le poisson-lion était inconnu aux Antilles. Aujourd’hui, il y est omniprésent : les pêcheurs le ramassent dans leurs casiers, les plongeurs le croisent en exploration, la vigilance est de mise chez les baigneurs qui s’approchent trop près des récifs.

Vorace et prolifique, il est une menace sans précédent pour la biodiversité des écosystèmes coralliens de la région et la pêche professionnelle.

Comme la plupart des rascasses, il porte des épines venimeuses responsables de piqûres suffisamment sérieuses pour justifier une prise en charge médicale.

Il est semble-t-il trop tard pour éradiquer une espèce dont la progression le long des côtes déjoue tous les obstacles. Le seul remède connu à son développement est de le pourchasser, partout où il se trouve, et par tous les moyens.

Par chance il est comestible et sa chair est goûteuse. Facile à cuisiner, il se prête à de nombreuses préparations, plus ou moins élaborées, et de plus en plus de restaurants le proposent à la carte.

Éric Rolland
Passionné de chasse sous-marine, la pratique assidue de ce sport a conduit Éric Rolland à visiter les fonds marins de tout l’arc antillais, des Roquès aux îles Vierges, et plus particulièrement de la Guadeloupe. Depuis le 23  mai  2012, date à laquelle il observe son premier poisson-lion, il ne chasse quasiment plus que lui, et se passionne pour tout ce qui le concerne.


Broward Art Guild 2014 Member’s Book

Featuring South Florida Local Emerging Artists

The Broward Art Guild is the oldest and largest organization of working artists in Broward County.

Mistaken caption: I don’t do acrylic paints, it’s an oil on canvas.



Feb: Pascal’s Matador in Dive the Big Blue (Singapore)

Dive the Big Blue: A HISTORICAL AFFAIR Vol. 2

These enlightening limited edition coffee table books offer an exhaustive depiction of the diving world, coupled with stunning artwork and photography

Release Date: 03 September 2014.

The water of our planet has always been my muse. It is the source of everything we hold dear. It connects all the people in all the countries of the world. But it’s no longer enough to protect one body of water without thinking about its neighbour. For example, what happens in China impacts the ability of our waters to sustain life throughout the US and the world – and vice versa. Today, we all must work together to ensure a healthy world. We’ve had all the second chances we’re going to get. The health of the planet is directly tied to what we do, right here, right now.

Country :  Singapore
Publisher :  Asian Geographic Magazines Pte Ltd
Author :  Asian Diver



Broward Art Guild 2013 Member’s Book

Featuring South Florida Local Emerging Artists

The Broward Art Guild is the oldest and largest organization of working artists in Broward County.



November: Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler

Lexikon der Phantastischen Künstler

2.Edition (deutsch) Herausgeber: Prof. Gerhard Habarta

Umfang: 524 Seiten 1.146 SW Abbildungen und 601 farbige 1.330 Biographien

Format: 22,5 x 17 cm, Gebunden mit Lesebändchen ISBN: 9-783848263073



Oct 11th Marcel Proust book published with Pascal’s artwork

Edition Michel Lafon, more info in French
Beaux livres, Parution : 11/10/2012 Pages :192 Format :28/33 ISBN :978-2-7499-1702 Prix : 39.95€

Featuring one of the two portraits of the author, Patricia Mante-Proust, great great niece of the famous writer,  made by Pascal in 1988 as a “jeune-fille en fleurs with Marcel Proust”.
“For a long time, I went to bed early,” perhaps the most famous incipit of French literature, the very first words of a masterpiece that its author himself did not hesitate to compare to a cathedral.  Writer had never driven introspection and memory work at this level, winning the favor of this prodigious quest  with the taste of a madeleine , a  mystical aura for generations of readers around the world.

Research invites us to unravel the mysteries of its author and  secrets. It has often described it as being febrile timid to excess, holed up in a room lined with cork: fantasies and stories lived, which was really Marcel Proust? The famous questionnaire to which he replied that bears his name and he can enlighten us?
Rich in many documents from the family collection, national archives, drawers of the famous Aunt Léonie in Combray Illiers-but also of letters, manuscripts, rare or unreleased, recovered memories of the places frequented by Proust, this book  - which brings these treasures for the first time – is intended to celebrate a life and time becoming, through the magic of a unique style, an eternity.

For 90 years of his death (google translation)

To celebrate the publication this week in France of: ” Marcel Proust – L’Arche et la Colombe” by Patricia Mantes-Proust and Mireille Naturel, Ed. Michel Lafon, Pascal’s earlier works about “In Search of Lost Time or Remembrance of Things Past” (French: À la recherche du temps perdu) are published online in his blog, pinterest and Facebook.

Pics: new book cover, Pascal reading, page featuring Pascal’s painting, the painting within the book and an artifact of Proust’s notebook,

“Chemin de Balbec #20 and #21 with Patricia “,  booth watercolors on Arches 46x62cm, 18″x24″, 1988,  lec186d, collection Mantes-Proust, Paris, France (sorry for the quality of the pic, from a vintage transparency)


Broward Art Guild 2012 Member’s Book

Featuring South Florida Local Emerging Artists

The Broward Art Guild is the oldest and largest organization of working artists in Broward County.


Oct: New album of paintings

Pascal Lecocq book  

Fort Lauderdale, Eventually a new album of paintings is published and will be soon available on online and brick and mortar bookstores

Book is available in our store online and at the publisher website

You can have a hand sign with a dedication of your copy when ordered directly here (just let us know).

Parodies and Pastiches of the Chefs-d’oeuvre / Masterpieces of the Painting by Pascal Lecocq. References and reverence to the Old Masters, mostly revisited in the blue, underwater, humorous and surreal universe of Pascal, the Painter of Blue.

100 pictures in 72 pages
ISBN 978-1-105-11242-3: Copyright Pascal Lecocq (Standard Copyright License); Published October 19, 2011; Language English; Pages 72;
Binding Perfect-bound Paperback; Interior Ink Full color; Dimensions (inches) 8.5 wide × 11.0 tall.

Preview below or at publisher website (take some time to load)

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September 3rd Art House Co-0p

ART HOUSE CO-OP, September 2011, cover & page 10 – USA

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