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April: Book by Numa Sadoul with Pascal’s interview

Multi talented Numa Sadoul, director, writer, actor, publishes a 710 pages book about his 40 years with the Opera, an Ego-Dictionary of Opera : 40 ans à l’Opéra, Ego-Dictionnaire de l’Art Lyrique, Editions Dumane, Avril 2017,  ISBN: 978-2-915-94316-0

Many interviews with professionnals were conducted by Numa and inserted in the book about the different occupations involved in performing art.

The chapter about Set Design includes an interview with Pascal Lecocq, costumes and set designer and fine art artist,  made in April 2014.

More about Numa Sadoul (Wikipedia, more details in the French Wikipedia), Numa Sadoul and Pascal work about the Magic Flute  and Pascal’s set and costumes designs .

Book available in French at  Amazon.fr


Bayreuth Wagner Festival

Bayreuth Wagner Festival. Libretto of Parsifal and Program of the théâtre de Caen (1995) with Pascal’s painting: “Cheminement de Parsifal” (Parsifal’s progression – Wege zu Parsifal) is still available in book stores in Richard Wagner’s city.
Find it again in our press-book.
About Pascal’s set design and costumes design, see our stage decoration gallery.

Bookstore in Bayreuth with Pascal’s cover


Théâtre de Caen, Program

Théâtre de Caen, Program, February 1995, cover and p84 – FRANCE


Cheminement de Parsifal, oil on canvas by Pascal Lecocq


March 1990 Limoges, Grand Théâtre, set design and solo show

La Montagne, March 19th, 1990

Le Populaire du Centre, March 19th, 1990

L’Echo du Centre, March 21st, 1990

Ouest-France, March 23rd, 1990

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