1977-2021 44 years of excellence 300 solo exhibitions since 1977 

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May 8th. ADEX Bazaar Ocean Artist

Celebrating ocean arts with ADEX ocean artists on ADEX Pixel Expo! Featuring their passion and creativity for the ocean and beyond…We invite you to join us on this Saturday, May 8, and support your favourite artists by buying their masterpieces and to support their cause!

Join Pascal Lecocq @bluepainter357 at 6.30 pm and discover a whole new world under the tone of blue! Pascal is famously known as the blue painter paintings away surrealist work of arts, with a deep tone of quirks and parody.

Catch up is way overdue – See you online!
1) ADEX Official FB page: https://www.facebook.com/AsiaDiveExpo/
2) APE Homepage: https://www.adex.asia/

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Feb, Diventures magazine, p34-35

Diventures magazine

New year, new view of Diventuress magazine. As usual, we try to bring you all the latest in the world of diving, environment and marine biology
In this number, we present to you the news of diving during the past month in Egypt, the Arab world and the world.
We present to you our usual doors Bahrulovi, marine environment, and diving medicine, as we present to you one of our new doors for 2021 is the door of a diving site, we will travel you in the Red Sea and around the world to see new diving sites every month from Around the world, what distinguishes this site and how to dive into it
Finally,,, Don’t forget to support us on Patreon platform and await your views on our new look
To read the number in Arabic
You can also read our numbers on platforms
We would also like to thank all the creators who shared the success of 2020 with their creative artwork and footage, for using as a cover of the magazine
- Ali bin third… UAE
- Pascal Lecocq… France
- Omar Saad… Egypt
- Nisreen Jan… Saudi Arabia
- Kim Hofnagle… America
- Ali Hassan… Egypt
- Robert Stansfield… England
- Which Dave Trip… Egypt
- Mirko (Abonouh)… Germany
- Shane Reynolds… America

Aug 20th Adex Pixel Expo. a presentation by Pascal

New lecture and presentation by Pascal. After Wilddive (Tel Aviv, April 2020), Ocean Geographic (Sydney, July 2020)
Date: Thursday, August 20
Time: 9:30 pm Singapore time (GMT +8) France 15h30 Florida 9:30am EST
Duration: 1-hour session
Speaker: Pascal Lecocq (#France/ #USA) The Painter of Blue
Pascal Lecocq, Ph.D, is the painter of the diving world’s most recognised picture: “The Matador”. He is the Painter of blue® who paints as a stage director, on high backdrops, sky, figures, horses, funny divers, allegories, architectures, Venice and ancient ruins. All between hyperrealism and surrealism flavoured with humour. Pascal’s paintings have been exhibited worldwide in more than 300 solo exhibitions since 1977 and in museums in France (2000-2001) and USA (2012-2013). Set and costumes designer for many operas since 1986. Pascal lives and works in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since 2003.
Catch this session LIVE! on these channels – See you online!
1) ADEX Official FB page: AsiaDiveExpo
2) APE Homepage: adex.asia


Watch the rerun here: https://www.facebook.com/AsiaDiveExpo/videos/2470145239945146



July 12th, 2020 Ocean Geographic Lecture by Pascal

Counting down to see the life of Blue People Planet in the next Ocean Geographic LIVE with Pascal Lecocq PhD. Pascal Lecocq will entertain you with his blend of fine art – fun, refreshing, surrealism indulged with a unique blend of humour.
Pascal’s paintings have been exhibited worldwide in more than 250 solo exhibitions since 1977 and in museums in France and the United States;
Dive into Pascal’s planet of people on 13 July 11am (SYD), 9am (SG) / 12 July 9pm EST (NY) -
Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83542263399…

or or


See the presentation here: https://www.facebook.com/1284303710/videos/pcb.10222940060871721/10222939996710117/


April 26 2:30pm EST Webinar: The Painter of Blue

Pascal Lecocq in an amazing and colourful presentation of his unique art
and the connection to diving and underwater nature






Feb 10 New Pascal’s Matador painting front cover

6th Front Cover for Pascal’s signature painting: the Matador which as been published more than an hundread time in 20 countries  (see more)

today 2nd issue of Diventures Magazine, The First Arabic Magazine Specialized in Diving Activities (Based in Egypt),

See Pascal’s front covers here


النهاردة الساعة ٠٨:٠٠ بتوقيت القاهرة
عدد شهر فبرايرمن مجلتكم
مجلة دايفنچرز ????????????

انتظرونا …

Today .. at 08:00 CLT
February Issue of Diventures Magazine

Magazine Cover Credited: Corrida III, oil on canvas by Pascal, The Painter of Blue. ©www.pascal-lecocq.com
Pascal Lecocq Painter of Blue

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Oct 30th Fort Lauderdale Boat show press

Fort Lauderdale International Boat show 2019 – official program


 full article here: FLIBS 2019 press



Nov 14th Brooklyn Art Library on Instagram

15 original sketchbooks of my Encyclopedia of Sharks are available for a look at Brooklyn Art Library 28 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY 11211  Ph : 718-388-7941 PASCAL LECOCQ The Painter of Blue – Brooklyn Art Library Archive

The Brooklyn Art Library posted this today:



Oct PR Go Riverwalk Pascal’s interview

Fort Lauderdale’s city magazine featured a portrait of Pascal Lecocq, an Artist profile by pete Stevenson

Full Article Pdf

vol10, 310 October 2018




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