The winners of the Pascal Lecocq Award of Excellence 2004

We are super proud to present the WINNERS of the 12th Ocean Geographic OG Pictures of the Year of the Year Competition 2024 – thank you all who have submitted your work – you have contributed to inspiring greater love and awareness of the beauty of our ocean. Biggest congratulations to each of you. Our deepest appreciation to our sponsors – you make it possible for us to create a platform for photographers, filmmakers, and writers to share their work for ocean conservation

Congrats to the submissions of the 31 final selection for the CREATIVE VISION category, The Pascal Lecocq Award of Excellence.

To the winner Mok Wai Hoe: An image is worth a thousand words. Humans, all life, are part of the great architecture of the universe, and we must constantly remind ourselves of this wonderful but simple fact.

To runners up Martin Stevens: Mystery of a creative mind to highlight the natural beauty of our (underwater) world.

And Conor Culver: A brilliant idea for a powerful and creative work of art. Worth enlarging for details.

Honorable mentions to Nur Tucker, an invite to creativity underwater to think out of the box or… of the viewfinder, Jill Smith, an image that conveys an essential and important message should obviously be rewarded, even if its aesthetic quality is questionable, Carol May, When the nature is the greatest artist, thanks to the eye of the photographer who caught it at the best choreographic moment and Doris Vierkoetter, perfect, beautiful, of great impact, awesome focus.  The perfect circle and the fragile living creature.

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