1977-2021 44 years of excellence 300 solo exhibitions since 1977 

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Jan 29th 40th Anniversary of my first exhibition, Fontainebleau, France 1977

40 years ago, opening of my first exhibition from Jan 29th, to Feb 6th, 1977. In Fontainebleau, my birth town, France.

I was 18 . I’m still alive and painting !

8 paintings oil on canvas and 30 works on paper from 1975 and 76.

All news from 1977  and press-realeas here

vintage pic with my great art teacher Yvonne Bouisset-Mignon at the opening

vintage pic with French House Representant D.Julia and Mayor P.Seramy at the opening in front my drawing Choc’Holà

vintage pic of the opening in the Election hall in Fontainebleau




FONTAINEBLEAU First solo exhibition

FONTAINEBLEAU, Salle des Elections
January 29th – February 6th, 1977

PASCAL LECOCQ, Peintures – Dessins

First solo exhibition with 8 oil on canvas, 30 ink and pencils on paper framed and 15 other works on paper.

Opening by the Mayor of Fontainebleau, M.Paul Seramy, member of Parliament D.Julia, Mayor of Avon, M.Pic.
See the press coverage

With my Great Teacher Yvonne Bouisset-Mignon (daughter of the engraver Abel Mignon, and wife of the painter Jacques Bouisset, son of Firmin Bouisset author of the famous advertising “Chocolat Meunier”)

In January 2012 at the Paris Dive Show, celebrating 35 years of exhibitions, Collector E.Soton (Fontainebleau, France) showed a piece he bought in 1977: “Charmeuse immortelle”, ink and pencil on paper, 1976.

“Concerto #1 pour Piano et Orchestre de Piotr Tchaikowski: Allegro non troppo et molto maestoso”, inks and pencil on paper, 1976, coll.part. Avon, France (left)
“Chantons Federico Garcia Llorca” – celebrate F.G.Llorca- ink and pensil, 1976, coll.part. Barbizon, France

“Cygnes de la main de Lohengrin” – Swan/handsign from Lohengrin – oil on canvas, 1976, coll.part. Fontainebleau, France (left)
“Champs embaumé” – Embalded field – oil on canvas, 1976, coll.part. Paris, France (right)

“Chaviré” – capsized – oil on canvas, 1976, coll.part. La Rochelle, France

French House Representant Mr Julia, Mr Seramy, Mayor of Fontainebleau, with Pascal in front of “Choc Holà” (Chocolate/Shock whoa!)

In front of “Calme de la plage”(Stillness beach”)  and “Concentration” (Inspired by “In the Penal Colony” by Franz Kafka)



Press 1st Exhibition

L’Eclaireur du Gâtinais, 21 janvier 1977, – France -


Le Parisien Libéré, 21 janvier 1977, – France -


La République de Seine et Marne, 24 janvier 1977, – France -


La République de Seine et Marne, 31 janvier 1977, – France -


Le Parisien Libéré, 1 février 1977 – France -


Press Release by EdM


1st press release in 1965 !

La République de Seine et Marne, May 23rd,1965, – FRANCE


Not yet a painter! (Second from right, with a bow tie).

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