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Feb 10 New Pascal’s Matador painting front cover

6th Front Cover for Pascal’s signature painting: the Matador which as been published more than an hundread time in 20 countries  (see more)

today 2nd issue of Diventures Magazine, The First Arabic Magazine Specialized in Diving Activities (Based in Egypt),

See Pascal’s front covers here


النهاردة الساعة ٠٨:٠٠ بتوقيت القاهرة
عدد شهر فبرايرمن مجلتكم
مجلة دايفنچرز ????????????

انتظرونا …

Today .. at 08:00 CLT
February Issue of Diventures Magazine

Magazine Cover Credited: Corrida III, oil on canvas by Pascal, The Painter of Blue. ©www.pascal-lecocq.com
Pascal Lecocq Painter of Blue

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April Pascal’s painting on a book front cover in Portugal


Coll.Ousar Saber, Porto Editora , 2014, 16pp

contact:  Rua da Restauração, 365 4099-023 Porto Portugal www.portoeditora.pt

“The contest of philosophical text 2014″  is an initiative by PortoEditora and author of the Handbook of Philosophy of 11 .° year “dare to Know” to publish in April 2014. The contest is intended for students of 11 .° year of schooling.

O concurso de texto filosófico Ousar Saber 2014 é uma iniciativa da Porto Editora e dos autores do manual de Filosofia de 11.° ano “Ousar Saber” a publicar em abril de 2014. O concurso destina-se aos alunos do 11.° ano de escolaridade. As candidaturas poderão ser apresentadas até ao dia 11 de abril de 2014.


Pierre Brocchi new book featuring Pascal’s painting on the cover

The “Coral Bird”, by Pierre Brocchi, published by Editions Ovadia, France, with the painting Cîme abyssale

- Abyss peak- oil on canvas, by Pascal Lecocq, The Painter of Blue ®, 55 x 38cm, 22”x15”, lec404, 1995, priv.coll. Rouen, France. © www.pascal-lecocq.com.
Published in Asian Diver (Singapore, 2001)

L’oiseau de corail “, de Pierre Brocchi, paru aux “Éditions OVADIA” est une reprise améliorée de la nuit de l’Alcyon . http://pierre.brocchi.fr/auteur.html


Jan. Dive News Network


USA, Dive News Network
January 2011
3 Magazine Covers

The Hat Trick !!!:

NorthEast Dive News

NorthWest Dive news

MidWest Dive News

Check all the covers published with Pascal’s paintings in our pressBook


JANUARY 3rd MidWest Dive News

MidWest Dive News, January 2011, cover & page 3 – USA




January NorthEast Dive News

NorthEast Dive News, January 2011, cover & page 3 – USA




January NorthWest Dive News

NorthWest Dive News, January 2011, cover & page 3 – USA




October MidWest Dive News

MidWest Dive News, Oct. 10th, 2010, cover, page 3 & 18 – USA

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