Paris Dive Show 2024 The Day After

Congratulations to Helene de Tayrac (Sea Sister of the Women Divers Hall of Fame) for her successful 25th show and her faithful support, with her daughter Laura.

Pascal 25th exhibition at the Paris Dive Show
An annual solo exhibition and meeting with divers in Paris by Pascal since 1992 (Salon Nautique then Paris Dive Show).
Address: Exhibition Park – Hall 4
1 place de la Porte de Versailles 75015 – Paris (France)

All pics from the Convention Center in Paris, Day 3 and 4 with the Birthday party celebrating the 25th edition of the show with Founder and President Helene de Tayrac and with the event’s godmother movie director Nathalie Lasselin, Bruno Bourdelat and his Nabuchodonosor bottle of Champagne, historian of the Diving Yves le Marec and dancer Nicolas Fiery who performed with his company during the party.

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