Atlanta, Museum of Design Atlanta

ATLANTA, The Sketchbook project Volume 3
March 4th.

Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA), 285 Peachtree Center Ave
Atlanta, GA 30303, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Over 2,000 artists from around the country were sent a small Moleskine sketchbook. Their task was to fill the book with “everyone we know”. Every book that we receive back will be on display. Visitors are encouraged to pick up the books and freely browse through them.

Exhibition tour: Feb 27, Art House Gallery, Atanta; March 3, Museum of Contempory Art, Washington DC; March 4, Chris’Jazz Cafe, Philadelphia; March 6, Laconia Gallery, Boston; March 8, Antena Gallery, Chicago; March 11, Soulard Art Market, St Louis, MO; March 13, 3rd Ward Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; April 2, Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA); May-June, Chicago Art Source Gallery, Chicago: The Sketchbook project (group exhibition)

infos and directions
More about the show at MODA and CNN interview
Last Pascal’s exhibition with the Art House Gallery in Dec 2008.

Carnet Bleu Cover

Carnet Bleu page 1 Carnet Bleu page 25

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