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An Exhibition of work by Members of the Society for Art of Imagination

An Exhibition of work by Members of the Society for Art of Imagination – This Exhibition celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Society, and offers the viewer a chance to enter in to the Magical and diverse world of Visionary Art.
There is a great variety of perception in this collection, and an exciting range of artists – not only known Masters of Fantastic Art such as Prof. Ernst Fuchs, H.R. Giger, Robert Venosa, and Brigid Marlin, but young artists bringing new energy to the growing movement towards the expression of the inner world of the Imagination – the inner eye.
Ernst Fuchs /Austria/; Erik Heyninck /Belgium/, Brigid Marlin, Michel de Saint Ouen, Mitch Barrett /UK/; Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann, Pascal Lecocq, Gail Potocki, Olga Spiegel, Michael Cheval, Madeline von Foerster /US/; Sergei Aparin /Yugoslavia/, Nezir /France/, Dmitry Yakovin /Russia/

H.R. Giger /Switzerland/, Andre Lassen /Netherlands/, Diana Hesketh /UK/

It is appropriate that this exhibition should take place in The InterArt Gallery, which has a growing reputation among collectors in search of the unusual and imaginative in the field of Art.

Opening Reception: Thursday, April 14, 2005, 6-9 PM
InterArt Gallery, 225 Tenth Avenue /@ 23rd Street/New York City (Chelsea)
RSVP: phone 212-647-1811

Details at the Gallery.
Previous Pascal’s exhibitions with AOI:
LONDON, 2003, KIRKCUDBRIGHT, 2003, NEW YORK 2003 , MIAMI, 2003.

InterArt director Konstantin Vais in front of Pascal’ painting Opening reception at Interart Gallery, with Brigid Marlin

An Exhibition of work by Members of the Society for Art of Imagination – a Society formed to discover promotes the work of talented Visionary Artists.
The Society began in 1961 when five artists met in a studio, and banded together to explore their creative and fantastic ideas, and to study techniques of painting and drawing. In 1995 the idea was born to open the Society to all artists working in the field of imaginative art, and as it’s 10th Anniversary approaches, the Society has 300 members from over 25 countries, and is still growing.

Pascal's painting on the top right

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