Nov 19-22 Las Vegas Ocean Artists Society

A global collection of world’s premier artists, sculptors, photographers, and other humanities
to be featured at Art Innovation Center; Nov. 19-22, 2014

Las Vegas Convention Center, pic © Roland St John


About the Ocean Artist Society
The Ocean Artists Society strives to deliver a message of marine conservation using all mediums of
art. With over 250 artists in 18 different countries around the globe, our members are not only
respected pioneers of their industries, but are drivers of conservation, using their art to bring
awareness to act on preserving our natural world. It is our way of teaching the public to “Think
Globally, and Act Locally”. Our free quarterly films and accompanying e-zines, which highlight a
particular subject of marine conservation, can be viewed at

OAS Mission Statement:
Using Ocean Art to Inspire People from Around
the World to a Greater Awareness of our Need
to Preserve Our Natural World

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