The winners of the Pascal Lecocq Award of Excellence 2003 part2

2- Runner up – CV112

Sometimes it’s enough to have the creative idea of turning the picture upside down (an elementary trick that Leonardo da Vinci recommended to the painters to have a new vision on their composition and their enhancement while working) to obtain a confusing point of view, no longer realistic but purely artistic.

3- Honourable mention – CV117

Technically very successful image surreal and humorous, very imaginative. If the mechanics starts to smoke, the fault is perhaps with what the author smoked…

3- Honourable mention – CV078

Peaceful vision of what nature can offer in terms of beauty, in its simplicity but nevertheless its harmonious grandeur.

3- Honourable mention – CV088, cv 0In front of the magnificent natural spectacle, we homo sapiens, (and underwater photographer! ), have the possibility to add our specific creativity to transform it into a metal sculpture and a work of art.

I could have added CV081- CV123- CV095 -CV126

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