Sept. 4-5: AQUART 2d exhibition, Quebec

pic Aquart Mike Grebler pic Aquart Jean-Louis Courteau

Pics by Mike Grebler, left, Jean-Louis Courteau, right at the Morrison Quarry, Sept.4

Aquart 2010, Québec
I have a gallery of 50 paintings immersed for the 2nd exhibition of AQUART 2010 in Canada !!!.

A total of 150 artpieces are shown in Carriere Morrison, Gatineau, North of Ottawa, Québec.

More pics of the Gallery Underwater at the previous exhibition in Flintkote, Thetford Mines, Quebec, Aug 6-7-8.

More infos and Press release:
About the exhibition underwater AQUART August 2010(pdf, Aug.16, 2010)
AQUART, Our Philosophy
Communiqué de presse 2010 (in French)

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